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18th Annual Thanksgiving Outreach

We are proud to announce our 18th Annual Thanksgiving Outreach. Last year, we provided meals to 75 families and the event continues to prosper and grow. Alpha Iota Chapter would would like to invite you to participate in our 18th Annual Thanksgiving Outreach. To learn more, please click HERE!

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Welcome to the Website of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc. at CSULB!

Please feel free to browse through our blog to check out a few of our past and upcoming events.


Pupusa Sales

The Long Beach Lambdas held two pupusa sales on October 13 and 19 respectively. They were both held at the Southwest Terrace on the CSULB campus. There were two types of pupusas sold: pork and bean & cheese. Pupusas could be purchased for $2 each, or $5 for a combo of two pupusas and a drink.
The fundraiser has become a trademark for the Lambdas and is in high demand, so keep a lookout for future pupusa sales coming to Long Beach State.

35 years of conquest

On this day, 35 years ago in the year of our Lord 1975, a group of men came together to follow a belief and created an idea, which on this day brought birth to this Brotherhood making it a  reality. They went against the odds and the discriminations or their time to come together and make a dream happen. That dream was Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity, inc. our Fraternity. Many times it is taken for granted, and we need to focus on what this day really is so that we do not lose sight from where we came from.

We must show our reverence and respect to those founders that came way before us. We are not all equal. To the Fraternal Fathers, Founding Brothers, Founding lines, pretty much anyone worked to establish this great organization of ours either as a whole or at our campus. THANK YOU. All of you made it possible for us to wear these letters with pride.  You have established a brotherhood of strong men that normally may have never come together.

When I say I am a brother of Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity, Inc. I say it with a heartfelt feeling that many of you helped to establish within me. It is a feeling hard to put in words. I did not create a new era or idea; I embraced a tradition of values and beliefs set forth by you for us. I exist as a brother only by working hard to live up to a certain level of understanding and love for the brotherhood.  I follow a code that makes it unique to be a brother. I continue to uphold your values and put my letters before any others.  If I run into you in the path of life, may I not forget who I am, and most importantly who you are; I will extend my hand while addressing you with the respect you earned and say Thank you.

As for the alumni that have worked, or are working to make sure the fraternity continues to exist, we have not forgotten you. Whether you work locally with your chapter or nationally with the Fraternity, you continue to show a love for the letters we all wear. It is with your hard work and dedication that this organization has been upheld for the past 35 years. It is done without pay or gratitude and in some cases being cursed for upholding that which has been set forth by the fraternity. You too deserve the courtesy of being acknowledged for what you have done. May it never be forgotten that you were a brother long before I was. A thank you is definitely well deserved along with our respect.
May you all have a blessed day and GRIPZ !

--Ruben Hoyos
Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc.
Alpha Delta Alumnus


12th Annual ThanksGiving Outreach

Alpha Iota Chapter - Thanksgiving Outreach
This is just a friendly reminder that the Thanksgiving Outreach is only two weeks away from today. The Thanksgiving Outreach is a yearly event in which Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity at CSULB, along with members of the community, provide families in need with a complete Thanksgiving meal for the holidays. There are two ways in which your organization or yourself can help us feed more families this Thanksgiving. To find out more about our outreach click here

Sponsor a Family!
We would like to extend an invitation to participate in our 12th annual Thanksgiving Outreach Program. By contributing, you will join us in spreading a little bit of joy this Thanksgiving Holiday. Sponsoring a family, or donating, is a quick and easy process

Deliver a Meal!
Every year, our goal is to increase the number meals we deliver to families. Therefore, the number of needed drivers must also increase. Please register with us if you would like to deliver meals. We truly appreciate all the support we receive. The last day to register to deliver a meal will be November 22nd! If you are volunteering, we will be meeting in front of the pyramid on Wednesday, November 24th at 5:45pm.

Fall Vacation

In mid October, eight brothers from Alpha Iota at CSULB took their annual Fall semester vacation to Southern Florida. Every year the chapter chooses an affordable location to visit brothers from across the country. This is always a great opportunity to take advantage of the national network Lambda Theta Phi provides for its members. The 3 day trip consisted of visiting brothers at campuses such as University of Miami (Beta Theta), Florida International University (Alpha Kappa), Florida Atlantic University (Beta Xi), and University of Southern Florida (Alpha Psi) as well as visiting local attractions. Brothers are encouraged to create bridges and personal relationships across our 100+ entities. Upon landing, we were greeted by brother Guillermo Pena at Ft. Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport and headed to a typical Cuban restaurant for breakfast. We participated in several professional workshops conducted by sectors around Florida while enjoying a short vacation from studies.

Brown Sugar 13th

Just a reminder that Brown Sugar 13 will take place this Thursday November 4th! You can still purchase online here

Remember that the proceeds from this event will be going towards our Thanksgiving Outreach.

Sash Club in Norwalk
12500 Firestone Blvd.
Norwalk, CA

Why: To raise funds for our annual Thanksgiving Outreach

When: Thursday November 4th, 2010

Who: Lambda Theta Phi, Latin Fraternity Inc. at CSULB


2nd Annual Yardshow!

The 2nd annual Yardshow is around the corner! Last year, we had over 200 people in attendance and over 10 different greek organizations participating. This year, we expect a much bigger crowd and a few more organizations added to the list.

Performers include:
-Alpha Phi Alpha
-Alpha Kappa Alpha
-Kappa Alpha Psi
-Phi Beta Sigma
-Zeta Phi Beta
-Sigma Gamma Rho
-Iota Phi Theta
-Lambda Theta Phi
-Lambda Theta Alpha
-Sigma Lambda Beta
-Sigma Lambda Gamma
-Lambda Sigma Gamma
-Delta Sigma Chi

The Show will be located at the South West Terrace at California State University of Long Beach.

It will start at 6:30 pm and end accordingly.

Everybody is Invited. (Bring your mommas, daddys, brothers, sisters, you get the idea!)

Don't let anyone tell you about....witness it! And for those that are not familiar with yardshows......THEY'RE FREE!!!!!!

Thank you and Hope to see all of you there.

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